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Hangzhou Delixi Group Co.,Ltd is one of the three Delixi Group advanced manufacturing base, one of the largest instrument and electric power automation production base in China

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  • Auto Welding Machine
    Auto Welding Machine Multi Standard. We are offering Multi Standard Auto Welding Carriages... Read More
  • Frequency inverter characteristics for pump motor control
    For such torque decreased loads, the frequency inverter can be running at the balance poin... Read More
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  • Home Decoration - Sockets and Switches
    We have a huge range of sockets and switches to choose from in both plastic and metal fini... Read More
  • LED Lighting - A Revolution in Lighting
    Here, we have a full selection of LED lighting for all your needs, inside or out.... Read More
  • Automated Tank and Bladder Welding Machine
    Our elusively designed welding machine heads enable the operator to weld overlaps and top ... Read More
  • Frequency inverter basics
    Frequency inverters are widely used throughout industry to provide adjustable speed contro... Read More
  • Typesof metal you'll be welding on
    Although it's not the preferred choice, a stick welding machine can also weld aluminum. Li... Read More
  • Frequency inverter advantages
    With the aid of an optional interface card most frequency inverters have the ability to be... Read More
  • What kinds of bulbs are available?
    LED Lighting are also rated to last for tens of thousands of hours, which can translate to... Read More
  • Control of Frequency Inverter
    Frequency inverters(frequency converter) have become the most essential equipment now a da... Read More
  • The Garage LED Lighting
    The Garage LED Lighting' optional occupancy sensor provides 360-degree motion detection, t... Read More
  • Frequency inverter with PG card
    In the vector control, it requires a motor speed feedback to the frequency inverter, this ... Read More
  • 3 Advantages to Owning Your Own Welding Machine
    Another advantage of owning your own welding machine is that you will lower your welding c... Read More
  • Sockets and Switches
    We have a huge range of sockets and switches to choose from in both plastic and metal fini... Read More
  • How to choose LED strip Lights
    The use of flexible LED strip lights is rapidly rising in modern lighting design around th... Read More
  • What's a Frequency Inverter?
    Frequency inverter also called frequency converter, it is a power control conversion devic... Read More
  • Switch-History - Switched on
    The age of the rotary and the tumbler switch gave way to that of the rocker switch. This e... Read More
  • Stable Electrical Frequency Inverter For Induction Motor Speed Control
    The series is a universal frequency inverter, which can be widely used in various types of... Read More
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    At Utilities Dynamics, we are constantly surprised by how many businesses have never consi... Read More
  • Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter
    The frequency inverter is a full featured Medium Voltage frequency inverter, providing out... Read More
  • Buying Your First Welding Machine
    Note that some conventional Stick welding machine are built specifically to excel at weldi... Read More
  • A Good Time for a Ceiling Fan
    Check out the Light Wave from Minka Aire, featuring a sculptural 3-blade design with integ... Read More
  • Why do we have a switch for a socket?
    A lot of power is consumed when you don't turn off the switch in a socket. ... Read More
  • How does an frequency inverter work?
    In essence, an old-fashioned mechanical frequency inverter boils down to a switching unit ... Read More
  • What Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers Do
    Some operate and monitor cutting machines similar to those used by welding machine operato... Read More
  • LED UnderGlow Lighting
    Delixi is world renowned for exceptionally designed and well-crafted aftermarket LED light... Read More
  • What is Frequency Inverter? How it works?
    A reduction in generated heat means smaller heat sinks and thus a smaller frequency invert... Read More
  • The real LED lighting revolution will be RGB
    The output of the LED Lighting causes the whitish coating to fluoresce in a broader spectr... Read More
  • How To Wire a Switch/Receptacle Combo Device
    So there you have three examples of where a switch/receptacle combination device like this... Read More
  • Buying a Miller Welding Machine is Better than Buying a Car
    They didn’t really care which machine welded better but to a man they all stated that they... Read More
  • Variable-frequency inverter types
    There are three common types of frequency inverter. ... Read More
  • Internal Welding Machine
    Welding Machine is a combination internal clamp and automatic multi head internal root pas... Read More
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    You can now easily replace this lighting with LED Lighting replacement tube lights.... Read More
  • Vector control frequency inverter
    Also, this frequency inverter adopts the most popular technical features, like PID control... Read More
  • The right welding machines for your process
    Welding machines means: state-of-the-art welding technology, best usability and first-clas... Read More
  • Switches and sockets
    Socket outlets equipped with automatic shutters prevent children from putting fingers or s... Read More
  • Selecting The Right Welding Machine
    For routine joining applications, a MIG Welding Machine probably offers more advantages th... Read More
  • China frequency inverter development for energy saving industries
    Industrial intelligence management and energy saving requirements to make the frequency in... Read More
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    LED Lighting tape is also flexible, which could come in handy in particular scenarios.... Read More
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  • What is the difference between a port and a socket?
    A TCP socket is not a connection, it is the endpoint of a specific connection.... Read More
  • Some Common Applications For LED Lighting Technology
    These applications are well suited to LED Lighting technology primarily because LED direct... Read More
  • Welding Machines Service
    external and internal welding machines, copper backup clamps, pipe facing machines, and su... Read More
  • Types of Welding Machines
    Welding monitors or controllers for welding machines are instruments that sense welding qu... Read More
  • CDI-E180-series Vector Control Inverter
    The CDI-E180-series inverter is a stable and versatile high-performance vector control inv... Read More
    Inspections and preventive maintenance sometimes uncover component faults that need to be ... Read More
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