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Switch-History - Switched on

Back in 1919, nobody could have guessed that their small company would rapidly grow to become a Major switch manufacturer. Two factors have been decisive to the company’s success: reliable technology and a Feeling for aesthetic form. Trends and crises have come and gone, but it has remained true to this tradition down the years.

A selection from 85 years of design history.


The start of something big: one of the very first rotary switches to be produced in Schalksmühle. It was every bit as simple, elegant and practical as every other subsequent model.


Traditionally, waterproof Switches were made of cast resin or porcelain. Moulded-plastic rotary switch was therefore a real innovation. With the thread of the rotary Switch pressed into top of the gland, and the shaft fitted with a grease chamber seal, the switch was so waterproof that the basic design features remained unchanged for decades.


The age of the rotary and the tumbler switch gave way to that of the rocker switch. This early example featured a luminous rocker.


It might seem completely natural today, but back in 1966 the launch of a Switch with a detachable cover that can be plugged back in once painting work has been completed marked a major Innovation as well as a great advance in convenience. Moreover, since the covers were always easy to replace, many well-preserved examples of this 1966 rocker switch are still in perfect working order today.


Clever & smart: “Modul 2” combines high manufacturing quality, simple design and a superb priceperformance ratio.


With its interchangeable decorative ring, the “Twinpoint” opens up a wide range of design possibilities.


It’s said that intelligence is a form of beauty, and the B.IQ certainly looks stunning: The world’s first intelligent and stylish home-control unit heralds a new era of comfort.


The new generation of sensory switching: a light touch on the fine glass surface is all that is needed to operate light, blinds and much more. Almost flush with the wall, it is design reduced to the essential.


Developed in collaboration with the German Copper Institute and the Asklepios Hospital in Hamburg Wandsbek, the switch program "Arsys Copper Med" has now won the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2010. The jury of the loans granted by the Munich Expo Awards recognizes a new switch range, the surface consists of a special copper alloy, which kills a variety of germs in no time. The innovative surface here comes in a range of switches used, the convinces with antibacterial properties by high design quality.

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