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LED UnderGlow Lighting

Delixi is world renowned for exceptionally designed and well-crafted aftermarket LED lighting products. The main goal has been to provide vehicle enthusiasts with the most innovative and competitively priced LED lighting kits from LED underbody lights, LED interior lights, motorcycle LED lights, truck LED lighting, wheel well lights and much more! Featured in car shows, magazines and commercials across the country, Delixi offers vibrant and efficient LED lighting kits with a variety of multi-color and single color options available. We have been consistently pushing the envelope with new product designs, cutting-edge features and options, while keeping the utmost quality in mind.

Delixi offers underbody lighting kits that come standard with two 36 inch and two 48 inch high impact, acrylic tubes, in various styles and colors, giving the user different options to choose from when it comes to finding the right LED underglow kit for their vehicle. Users can choose from our multi-color options including controlling your underbody’s functions with your smart phone for the Million Color Underbody Kit with Bluetooth Connectivity, as well as underglow kits with wireless remotes that include Advanced 3 Million LED Underbody Kit, Million Color LED Underbody Kit and 7 Color Slimline Underbody Kit, but it doesn’t end there! If you have your mind set on one color for an underbody kit, we have what you’re looking for! Users can choose from 8 different single color options with amazing abilities and features including our Blue Wireless LED Underbody Kit, Green Wireless LED Underbody Kit, Wireless Red LED Underbody Kit, as well as Pink, White, Orange, Purple and Yellow color options! Our Slimline Series features solid illumination single color underglow kits that feature 5/8 of an inch in diameter tubes! If an illuminated underbody isn’t enough, we offer add on interior tubes for your wireless underglow kit that can connect up to 6 LED interior tubes.

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