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The real LED lighting revolution will be RGB

All of the cheaper LED bulbs are what is called Phosphor-converted (PC) LEDs, where, much like a fluorescent bulb, the output of the LED Lighting causes the whitish coating to fluoresce in a broader spectrum of light. It is in fact working just like a fluorescent bulb, with the solid state LED Lighting replacing the ionized mercury vapor. True RGB LEDs mix three colors together. They are a lot more expensive and not really necessary for basic lighting.

And what amazing control you have, up to 16 million colors that can be mixed and matched. Preset "scenes" that you can choose or you can make your own. You can set it on timers to change the color throughout the day, just like mother nature does, to reduce fatigue. I thought it would be a bit of a toy, but in fact it is just amazing. I find that I really do change the colors according to mood and the time of day, going more like sunset in the evening. Other developers have developed apps that let you turn it into a psychedelic light show. And if you don't want to use your phone as a controller, they do sell the Hue Tap, a light switch that still gives you a lot of control.

I also never anticipated how great they would look in a 65 year old design, with each bubble taking on a hue of its own. Having this kind of control changes the way you think about lighting, it is almost theatrical. I want them everywhere. I suspect that in a few years these will be as common as having lights on dimmer switches.

It's time to go LED Lighting
They are cheap, the light quality is excellent, they will probably outlast you, they use a tenth the electricity of an incandescent and did I say they were cheap? There is no reason not to dump the incandescents and the compact fluorescents now.

This article comes from treehugger edit released

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