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Stable Electrical Frequency Inverter For Induction Motor Speed Control

The series is a universal frequency inverter, which can be widely used in various types of induction motor speed control. Products based on 32 bit DSP, using international advanced vector control algorithm, high performance, high precision of motor drive control, to improve product reliability and adaptability of environment at the same time, strengthen the customer ease of use and design of industry specialization, function optimization, application more flexible, more stable performance.

Main features:

(1) Double specifications of the design: heavy load model (150% load 1 minute) and light load patterns (120% load 1 minute) dual specifications, can use the function mutual switch function code.

(2) The use of Germany's fourth generation infineon IGBT module, combined with the characteristics of 175 ℃ maximum junction temperature, using innovative PWN modulation method, further reduce the switching loss, makes the inverter in the 50 ℃ Ambient temperature, without derating use.

(3) Advanced independent air duct design, prevent pollutants from entering the area electronic system, enhance the protective effect of frequency inverter, adapt to the complex, bad environment of the user's site, prolong service life Life; At the same time independent duct can effectively solve the problem of control incase of heat dissipation, convenient customer electric thermal design.

(4) Compact size, support installed side by side, save installation space.

(5) Hardware implementation current limiting function, make the frequency inverter when over current point to software to hardware limited.

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