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4 Types of Under-Cabinet LED Lighting

The under-cabinet lights in my kitchen are chunky T12 fluorescents from the 1980s. They flicker and buzz and have that aggravating warm-up period every time you turn them on. In other words, they must go. This led me to research replacements, which I thought I'd share with you here! Whether you're starting from scratch or, like me, are replacing old fixtures, here are some options to consider.

1. T4 Fluorescent Strips: Unlike the T12 bulbs in my current fixtures (which have a 1 1/2-inch diameter), T4 bulbs have just a 1/2-inch diameter. This makes for a much sleeker fixture. Today's fluorescent bulbs are also much improved from their predecessors in that they don't have a delay when you flip on the switch, they don't produce a hum, and their color value is improved.

2. Puck Lights: These round, hockey-puck-shaped fixtures are popular because there are many versions of them that don't need to be hard-wired or even plugged in. Battery-operated models with LED Lighting bulbs simply stick to the underside of your cabinet. These are a great option for rental kitchens or in cases where wiring would be prohibited by expense. Before LEDs, puck lights generally had xenon bulbs, but these burn hot, making them undesirable for kitchens.

Good options to consider:

  • Brightest LED Lighting Under Cabinet
  • LED Dimmable Accent Light by Westek

3. LED Strips: LED Lighting strips can look a lot like slim fluorescent strips, but LED Lighting bulbs have an even longer life than fluorescents. They burn cool like fluorescents, too, which is always an advantage for kitchens. This is the most expensive option, as the fixture type is relatively new and prices have yet to settle. Also, the color can be a bit cool for some tastes, so test these out in-store if you have a chance. Some models require an external transformer, which can be bulky, so look for models that don't.

4. LED Lighting Rope or Tape: These fixtures are extremely thin, making them easy to install, unlikely to get bumped as you work at your counter, and visually discreet. They don't put out as much light as the other options, so these are truly for complementing already-strong overhead kitchen lighting. LED Lighting tape is also flexible, which could come in handy in particular scenarios.

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