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Frequency inverter with PG card

PG is short for Pulse Generator, generally it is used for measuring rotational speed. The most common PG card is optical encoder.

PG card is a part of vector inverter, to convert the encoder different form signals to suitable for the controller, like: electrical level conversion, analog digital conversion, optical isolation, etc.

Vector control inverter is a high-performance inverter which can be comparable with DC converter.

In the vector control, it requires a motor speed feedback to the frequency inverter, this speed feedback is achieve by adding a rotary encoder (PG) to the motor, which means PG card feedback vector control inverter. In order to simplify the system, the feedback can be formed by operation of the inverter output signal, this control is called none PG card feedback vector control inverter, the performance has a slight gap than PG card feedback, but configuration is simple.

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