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Buying a Miller Welding Machine is Better than Buying a Car

Miller Welding Machine

All things considered, customer service being one of those things, Miller welding equipment is the bomb. I have also attended seminars where impartial repair technicians chimed in with their opinion on which was better. They didn’t really care which machine welded better but to a man they all stated that they hoped the machine was a miller welding machine when they first got the service call. They said they almost knew what was wrong before they ever got there and were almost sure they could get the Miller welder parts quickly. They also praised the engineering and troubleshooting support they received from Miller welding equipment reps and appreciated the way the Miller reps treated them. The same technicians spoke of their dealings with Lincoln reps. Good experience? Not so much. Enough said. That sold me on buying Miller. To me there is not much difference in performance. At least not enough difference that I can’t overcome it with technique. But when you have parts that need to be welded and your machine goes down, you want a helpful and knowledgeable person to talk to, not a condescending prick asking what you did wrong. I hope its true because I really like their little invertec v205t inverter. But I will have to wait and see before I believe it.

I like to keep things simple and so here is the simple skinny on buying a welder online. For TIG welding..., buy a Miller Syncrowave 250. For MIG welding machine..., buy a Millermatic 250 or 251.

If you get both a Miller Syncrowave 250 Tig and a Millermatic 250 or 251 Mig, you have the backbone for starting a good welding business with enough versatility to handle most jobs.

And if you are buying a welder for a hobby like building hot rods or choppers, you will have more than you will ever need.

My favorite personal welder is a Miller Dynasty 200DX. I sold my Miller syncrowave 250 after about 5 years of dependable service for close to what it paid for it new. I just wanted the Dynasty 200DX cause it was cool. After welding lots of parts with it, my house burned down due to some candles my wife used to enjoy.

The Dynasty survived. It got hosed down by the Fire fighters real good. When I told my Miller rep about it, he took it to the local Miller welding equipment warranty center to be checked out completely. They dried it out and powered it up and no prob. been using it ever since. I have a great relationship with my Miller reps and get great service when I need it.

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