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Home Products CDI-EM60-series Single-phase Inverter
CDI-EM60-series Single-phase Inverter

The CDI-EM60-series inverter is a mini-type low-power single-phase inverter with optimum SVC and V/F control, stable performance and simplified functions. It reserves the configuration most-frequently used by users, and can be extended with several I/O and communication interfaces.


Technical Characteristic

◆ Small size and easy operation; Embedded with DC brake function and can have optional external brake unit; Accuracy of stop position.

◆ Separate keyboard that supports hot plug and can be pulled out to a distance of 50m at most; a copy keyboard with parameter control is optional.

◆ Extensible RS485 communication interface which enables standard MODBUS-RTU communication and can be compatible with a variety of host computers.

◆ Long service-life with a controllable fan; the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) function ensures large output torque in case of low input voltage.

◆ Multiple protection functions to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.

◆ All standard products have been treated with conformal coatings.

◆ Air-duct isolated by windshields to ensure good thermal dissipation and thus significantly improved adaption to the environment.


Mainly applies to low-power non-VC situations with demanding requirements for input/output.

Die-cutting machine, carving machine, textile machine, glass-making machine, dyeing machine, book sewer, automatic production line and food machine.



EM60-IO expansion card, EM60-485 communication expansion card, internal brake unit.

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