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CDRA Device-type/Comprehensive-protection Soft Start

The Delixi Soft Starter is a motor control equipment featuring soft start, soft parking, light-loading and energy-saving as well as multi-functional protection. The soft starter enables smooth and impact-less start during the whole start process, and the parameters such as current limit and start time can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the motor load. It can be divided into two categories: the Device-type Soft Starter and the Comprehensive-protection Soft Starter.


◆ A Variety of Start Modes: Current limit soft start, ramp voltage soft start, ramp voltage + current limit soft start.

◆ Highly Reliable: A high-performance microprocessor performs digital processing of the signals in the control system.

◆ Strong Anti-interference Capability: Easy-tuning, optoelectronic-isolator-based signal transmission in the processing unit, different anti-noise levels.

◆ Optimum Structure: Unique compact structure, double-layer shell consisting of plastic upper layer and metal lower layer to meet the aesthetic and durability requirements.

◆ Motor Protection: Multi-functional protection (e.g. in case of over-current, input/output default phase, SCR short-circuit and overheat).

◆ Easy Maintenance: Four-digit signal monitoring system to monitor the operation of the system equipments in 24 hours and to offer quick fault diagnosis.

Model Rated Power 
Rated Current
Circuit Breaker 
Bypass Contactor 
Primary Line
CDRA011T4 11 25 CDM1-63L/32 CJ20-25 6mm Cable
CDRA015T4 15 32 CDM1-63L/40 CJ20-40 30*3mm Copper Bar
CDRA018T4 18.5 37 CDM1-63L/50 CJ20-40 30*3mm Copper Bar
CDRA022T4 22 45 CDM1-63L/63 CJ20-63 30*4mm Copper Bar
CDRA030T4 30 60 CDM1-100L/80 CJ20-63 30*4mm Copper Bar
CDRA037T4 37 75 CDM1-100L/100 CJ20-100 40*4mm Copper Bar
CDRA045T4 45 90 CDM1-225L/125 CJ20-100 40*5mm Copper Bar
CDRA055T4 55 110 CDM1-225L/160 CJ20-160 40*5mm Copper Bar
CDRA075T4 75 152 CDM1-225L/180 CJ20-160 50*5mm Copper Bar
CDRA093T4 93 176 CDM1-225L/200 CJ20-250 50*5mm Copper Bar
CDRA110T4 110 210 CDM1-400L/250 CJ20-250 50*5mm Copper Bar
CDRA132T4 132 253 CDM1-400L/315 CJ20-400 50*5mm Copper Bar
CDRA160T4 160 300 CDM1-400L/350 CJ20-400 10mm Cable
CDRA200T4 200 380 CDM1-400L/400 CJ20-400 10mm Cable
CDRA250T4 250 480 CDM1-630L/630 CJ20-630 16mm Cable
CDRA320T4 320 600 CDM1-800H/700 CJ40-800 25mm Cable
CDRA400T4 400 750 CDM1-800H/800 CJ40-1000 35mm Cable
CDRA450T4 450 892 CDM1-1250/1000 CJ40-1000 35mm Cable
CDRA500T4 500 930 CDM1-1250/1250 CJ40-1000 35mm Cable
CDRA600T4 600 1100 CDM1-1250/1250 CJ40-1000 35mm Cable


The soft starter can be applied to motors in crushers, compressors, transmission, pumps and air blowers.

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