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Home Products CDI-E102-series Mini Inverter
CDI-E102-series Mini Inverter

The CDI-E102-series inverter is a classic-type low-power inverter with optimum SVC and V/F control, stable performance and simplified functions. It reserves the configuration most-frequently used by users, and is more cost-effective.

Simplified Functions and More Cost-effective

Optimized configuration according to the functions most-frequently used by users, so as to reduce resource waste, improve cost performance and competitiveness.

Compact Structure

Optimum structure and elegant appearance; can be installed through both slides and holes; easy to use.

Flexible Type Selection

The 15kW or below types have standard internal brake units, and the 18.5-22kW types can have optional internal brake units.

The 11kW, 15 kW types have standard DC inductors, and 18.5-22kW types can have optional DC inductors.


Mainly applies to low-power non-VC situations with demanding requirements for input/output.

Die-cutting machine, carving machine, textile machine, glass-making machine and dyeing machine.



External keyboard, extension cord, E102-485 communication expansion card.

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